CAPOVERDE support Films & Compagnies 2017

The “La Baule Festival FILMS AND COMPANIES” is part of a drive to propel growing corporate content (video, mini sites, forum, direct mail …), where new innovations are emerging, both in terms of construction, content and broadcasting. As such, the festival brings together the professionals and sponsors of this sector, thus creating an exceptional dynamic, where all the aspects related to this sector are discussed and presented, namely new technologies, evolutions, diffusion … answering to the expectations of the professionals but also of the recipients of these vectors of communication (actors of the company, customers, partners, supplier…).

CAPOVERDE TBR is positioned on the edge of this communication network, but offers large-format visual communication media (roll up, banner, kakemono, signage) that can accompany events such as the La Baule festival with the same innovation ethic. CAPOVERDE TBR meets current requirements: technological performances, ecological criteria, which make the news and the new orientation of companies, communities, associations … of which more and more corporate messages are carriers.

CAPOVERDE TRB will be present at the Innovation Village and will present its ecological supports for large format communication, eco-friendly tarpaulins made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. FILMS ET COMPANIES is above all alive, turned towards innovation, movement, new technologies related to corporate audiovisual communication, achieving a 360 ° on all information related to this sector in constant evolution.
CAPOVERDE TBR is therefore very happy to be a partner of this festival, where the slogans are innovations, dynamism and exchanges, for a better communication.