Founded in 2011 after 3 years of Research and Development, CAPOVERDE TBR develops and manufactures 100% recycled materials (tarpaulins) from recycled plastic bottles (PET), for large format digital printing (Kakemono – roll up – streamer – signboard).

Integrating the 3 pillars of sustainable development in the development of the same product was the challenge we decided to take up.

That’s why our materials meet environmental, social and economic criteria. All of our supports are 100% from the recycling of plastic bottles, with finishes in acrylic coatings, which represents a major asset for the preservation of raw resources.
Indeed, our manufacturing “process” offers the added benefit of giving a second life cycle to existing products (plastic bottles).

All our manufacturing is French and allows, as such, to preserve and safeguard jobs in the French textile sector.

We are the only ones in Europe today to offer high-tech, 100% recyclable and recyclable materials that meet companies’ expectations from both an environmental and technical point of view.