Ecocert (international certifier) ​​controls and labels products, systems and services according to public or private standards. Before issuing the certification document attesting to compliance with the reference system, Ecocert engineers and technicians apply a rigorous certification process: audits of production methods and quality systems, administrative and accounting audits, site inspections, analysis of risk, levies.

Ecocert : recycled ecological textile


Entrepreneur of the future wants to promote a new model for business and society where competitiveness must be combined with respect for the individual, his well-being at work, ethical, social and environmental standards. The companies of the future are those capable of generating a new type of growth based on efficiency and responsibility, equity and sustainability. The Entrepreneurs of the Future charter sets out their values.


ALTER-TEX label is certified by independent and indisputable third-party organizations representing all stakeholders in the textile industry. The guarantee system ensures companies’ commitment throughout the entire value chain and simplifies the labeling process.